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I wanted to kill it.

5 AM. My wife is waking up to the clock/radio. She stumbles into the bathroom and closes the door. I want to sleep some more, but she leaves the radio playing so she can hear the weather, which she never does because she is in the bathroom with the door shut. I don’t hear the weather either. Instead I lie in bed with the pillow over my head, trying to block out the sound of radio advertisements blasting from...

A Case for an Oxymoron: Intelligent Radio Advertising

It is the fall of 1972, and I am a high school student in Northern Virginia. My father has given me a Heathkit tube radio he built in the 1950’s, and I use it to tune in 102.3 — one of the few “underground” FM stations playing progressive, indie rock and roll. The jock’s opening words are like a magic incantation to my young ears. “This is Cerphe coming to you from high atop the...

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