how to build or buy the best apps for smarter, safer, more adventurous travel

Won’t a Smartphone Tourism App Put Me Out of a Job?

I get this question from worried tour guides, and it makes sense to me. But my answer is always the same. “No, smartphone tourism will help you make money while you sleep.” Allow me to explain. Yesterday was Easter. I spent the day making a big meal for my family, stuffing and hiding Easter eggs for my two grandkids, and attending mass. Then I took a short nap. While I was sleeping, my smartphone tours,...

How to Choose between a Web app or Native app

It’s slow. It’s clunky (compared to others). It’s not as pretty. It’s the so-called “web” app ~ as distinguished from the “native” app. So why build one? Well, there are some good reasons, and the biggest one is, web apps are “cross platform,” that is, they will run on any kind of mobile device that is connected to the Internet. So in the same way you...

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