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It’s About the Story You Tell

When I was a boy, I visited Jerusalem. Standing outside the Dome of the Rock, a local boy about my age approached me, trying to sell me a guided tour. He promised to tell me all the Dome’s secrets ~ ones hidden from all the other tour guides. As an example of his exclusive knowledge, he had me place my hand inside a crevice in the Dome’s exterior. When I extracted it, it smelled of perfume. I was...

Why Investing in Mobile Tourism is a No-Brainer

I live in Richmond, Virginia ~ a mid-sized American city that is the capitol of the state and located about 100 miles south of Washington, DC. It is a lovely city, with cobblestone streets, quaint shopping areas, and ¬†architecture leftover from when it was the Capitol of the Confederacy during America’s Civil War. In fact, the city has such an authentic 19th century look that Steven Spielberg came here to...

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